Water Resources

Water Resources

Water Infrastructure is instrumental in attaining sustainable socio-economic growth as well as maintaining the quality of life. Also, the maintenance & development of different water resources through advanced engineering practices is vital to meet the ever-increasing demand of water for various purposes.

CEG has developed strong capabilities as a water resources infrastructure consulting company in India during the last three decades, especially in the design of irrigation systems, project management, and interlinking of rivers.

By leveraging the most advanced technologies & equipment, our proficient team of engineers provides bespoke, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for a variety of water resource projects.

Our services across water resources infrastructure include:

  • Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Engineering/Design
  • Construction Supervision
  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC)
  • Hydrological Studies
  • Bench Mark Surveys
  • Drainage Design
  • River Basin Planning
  • Water Grid Surveys & Conjunctive Use Planning
  • Water management Plan
  • Irrigation Management Transfer and Participatory Irrigation Management
  • Water Sector Institutional Reform and Capacity Building of WUA
  • Dam Safety Studies
  • Micro and Macro Canals System Design
  • Irrigation Network Planning & Analysis
  • Canals and Canal Structures
  • Dam Design
  • Agriculture Productivity Studies
  • Economic Analysis
  • Condition assessment and Asset management
  • Contract Management
  • Environmental and Social Impact Studies
  • Bio-diversity and Wild Life Conservation Plan
  • Rehabilitation and Resettlement Action Plan
  • Basin Environmental Assessment
  • Soil Surveys & Agro Climatic Land Classification
  • Geo-technical Investigation
  • Construction Material Testing
  • Tendering/ Prebid Services
Water Resources
Water Resources
Water Resources